Collection "Volumes"
Laser cut metal finished with traditional chrome polishing techniques renders a lustrous patina.

VaVa 2 glimmers with the reflection of lights and mirrors, becoming a centrepiece in my collection entitled « Volume ».

First they were made in tole, then in chromed métal, then in resin, and for my most recent creations : Corian©.

A savvy mix of natural minerals and pigments (bauxite, acrypolymere) used by the big names in Interior Design for applications in the world of home decoration and notably in the kitchen. Corian© is both light and extremely résistant. This ultimate mineral material is sublime for the Vache de® design.

Nouveau !

Commandez en ligne et en toute sécurité votre « Vache de® » préférée sur, le site internet dédié aux œuvres reproduites de l’artiste VanLuc.
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